Hats Galore!

Baby owls can be customized to any size and color combination with eyes open or sleeping. Owls are $20 all other hats are $15. Email me for orders becky_eich@yahoo.com and like Baby Cooture on Facebook!


Summer Handbags

Not too bad for my first try! I was out shopping yesterday and a few of the stores were selling these cute handbags with wooden handles. Some of them for upwards of $50, and if you know me then you know what I said to myself..."I can make that for less".

Oh yeah, and it's reversible!
Pick your fabrics and email them to me or tell me the color(s) you want and be surprised.

The "Leah" : $25


New Bags

Here's the latest in the Baby Cooture lineup. A variation of the "Dalton", this bag named "Kristie" is customized with two bottle pockets for twins but doesn't have the exterior side pockets. I'm loving this new fabric from Joel Dewberry. Navy is the color for this summer, order yours today! $95 for the set.

The Kristie set also comes with a 'wet bag' (a zippered pouch for soiled clothes) that can be wiped out after use.

Finally a mamma-to-be sporting the Baby Cooture line! Kristie (the namesake for the new bag) is having twin boys in July. Congrats Kristie!!


Introducing "Siri"

This latest design is my favorite so far. It actually looks better in person and has much more dimension to it. This bag is the first of my inventory and is for sale.The bag has 2 interior pockets, a bottle pouch and a diap/wipe case. The set is $65.


New Items

Ok, who could refuse this set? I saw the pattern and had to make it. I made a few adjustments along the way including, making a collar instead of a hood. Soon I will have variations of this jacket pattern. I want to make it with the hood and I'm going to try putting in a zipper instead of the toggle buttons. This set is $70 New hats in new colors. You can choose any color of the rainbow...hats are $15.


Sweet Sweet Baby Things

This is the hobby I'm loving the most right now...crochet. Any size hat, any color. Coordinating booties and scratch mitties. The set sells for $40. Individually: hat $15, booties $15, mitties $10.

Nursing Moms

I crafted this set for myself when I found out that my second child was going to be a boy. My first was a girl and everything I had was pinkalicious. I needed something blue but wanted something beautiful. The custom slip cover and nursing throw (velcro collar attached) sell for $65 as a set.